Stories from Indianapolis! Live were changed…

So…Indy was amazing.

– Had a two-man camera crew following us all weekend (thanks Randy and Bob). The inmates at the Plainfield prison greeted us with open arms and it was a very moving time. Chaplain Blue is now a trusted friend and partner!

Theater on the Square was a wonderful venue with a great staff and the turnout was great – along with the reception.

Eagle Creek Church was such a blessing and I had a little picnic with them after the service – incredible people – truly my family.

Celebrate Freedom (a mens sober living home) was also intensely moving Sundy night – about 12 guys say in a dining room with me as I sang and shared my faith. Wonderful program there and a great group of guys.

– The Dove Recovery House for women (my final stop Sunday night) was absolutely amazing. I played on the patio there and the Cicadas (roaring when we started) were totally silent two songs in. Lots of tears were shed. Some very shattered lives there – all in the process of healing. Was such a tremendous privilege to meet and play for everyone.

Riley’s Children’s Hospital on Monday morning was probably as moving as it was devastating. I was honored help a little boy with cancer walk back to his room. His mom said it was the first time he had walked without crying. I managed to make it in time before bolting around the corner and bawling my eyes out. I am haunted still by what those little kids live with every day. If I had the internal fortitude (and money) I’d fly back every day to be with them. I hope to make a special trip back in the next month or two to surprise them.