Today I saw something I’d never seen before

Driving home from a lunch appointment I saw a teenage girl on an exit ramp begging for food. This was the first time I’d seen anyone begging for food near our home, let alone that young. I got home and knew I needed to try and do something.

My wife had to run to a few appointments so I threw the boys into our double stiller, packed some food in a bag, along with a note that listed some numbers of resources nearby where she could get help and we set off.

It was a 2 mile walk and by the time I got there she was gone. I walked further and found her across the street with her boyfriend, and a dog. They looked dirty and worn out, like they’d been doing this for awhile. So I followed them into a record shop and found the girl looking at some music. I said “Hi” and she smiled. I told her that I’d seen her from the road and went home to get my boys. I reached down into the stroller, grabbed the bag of food I packed and said “We packed this for you”. To my utter shock – she took it from my hand, said “Thanks!” and immediately walked away. She and her boyfriend left the shop without another word. Got to admit, this was not the interaction I had pictured in my head, but I told my oldest son Wyatt that we were going to help somebody, and that’s exactly what we tried to do together. That’s enough for me. I want my boys to see their parents helping people whether or not it makes an immediate impact.